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How to attach the ID to CollarUpdated 14 days ago

Your ID comes with 5 parts:
1 Faceplate
1 Back plate
2 Screws
1 Screwdriver

The ID comes assembled, so the first step is to disassemble by removing the two screws.  Next lay the faceplate, face down, on a flat surface.  Lay your collar down inside the channel with the front of the collar facing away from you (so the ID will be on the front of the collar once attached to your pet).  Then, match the back plate up with the faceplate.  
Now you are ready for the screws.  Take the first screw and press it through one of the holes on the back plate.  If you press hard enough the screw will stand up for you.  Take the screwdriver and simply hand-tighten.  Repeat the process on the opposite side and then attached your collar to your pet, just that easy.  

If you purchased the Rock Solid Collar then the faceplate goes right on top of the X that is located between the buckle and D ring.  

If you are adding the ID to your existing collar, place the ID far enough away from the D ring so that the ID and D ring do not touch.  

Check out this video for a demonstration.

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