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About The DOG ID ProductUpdated a month ago

When it comes to your dog’s ID you shouldn’t have to mingle with the jingle, hang with the hang down, or wrestle with the readability. What we’re trying to say is, you shouldn’t have to deal with noisy, dangling dog tags that don’t last more than a minute outside. The Dog ID fixes each of these issues, making each moment with your dog even more enjoyable. Simply slide the ID over your existing collar’s buckle and you’re ready to rock.

Doggie Deets:

  •     Lasts Forever (Fur Realz) 
  • Jingle-free, snag-free, anxiety free
  • Crafted from medical grade Stainless Steel 
  • Not compatible with Martingale Collars  
  • Every order helps kids and vets.   

Order your dog's ID here.

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