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The Dog ID

About The DOG iD Product

When it comes to your dog’s ID you shouldn’t have to mingle with the jingle, hang with the hang down, or wrestle with the readability. What we’re trying to say is, you shouldn’t have to deal with noisy, dangling dog tags that don’t last more than a m


We've got the perfect fit for your pup's style! Our Dog ID tags are as versatile as they come, with three sizes to match collars of different widths. Let's dive into the tail-wagging details:Small: This little gem is tailored for collars measuring ½"

ID | Faceplates

Calling all fashion-forward pups! We've got the ultimate ID/Faceplate options to match your unique style. Check out the dazzling sizes and finishes we have in store for you:. Sizes:. Finishes:. Not sure which size to choose? No worries! We've got a h

Customizing the ID

Here's the scoop on the number of lines you can customize.  Let's dive into the details, full of wittiness and wagging tails:. Small ID (13mm): This little gem allows you to express your pup's personality in four lines of customization. But hold your

How to Attach the ID to the Collar

We've got some nifty tips to maximize the life of your pup's ID, so brace yourselves for some wag-tastic wisdom:. To keep your ID kicking for longer, here's the trick: place it on the opposite side of the D-Ring on your pup's collar. Why, you ask? We